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Before + After: Lake San Marcos Kitchen Renovation

If there is one thing I know it's everyone loves a good before and after post, and I've been holding on to the these pictures way too long. When my husband and I bought our home in 2018 I had no idea we would fully renovate our home, let alone that it would launch a design business.

Since I was a child I had always loved interior design, and I used to make my Mom take me into those model home showings as they popped up around town - thanks Mom :) I always loved making a home cozy, but I had no idea that I would have a knack for the design and project management side of the business. In our rentals I would daydream about all the renovations my husband would do if we owned the homes, and the time finally came when we bought our first home in San Marcos.

When we began renovation my daughter was just a year old, I was working a full-time job as a product manager, and we were on a strict budget. I had dreams of a beautifully grand kitchen that opened up to the living room to create both beauty and function. I wanted to see my daughter playing while I cooked dinner. So, long story short, I had to get the job done without hiring a project manager and make sure that we stayed on budget. I ended up managing the project myself and working with multiple trades directly while managing the design, timeline, sourcing, and ordering.

While we were relocating our sink and the plumbing was getting re-routed the plumber asked me who was managing the project. I told him it was me. He smiled, and casually mentioned, "You know, there are people that do this for work. Maybe you should look into it." ***It was my lightbulb moment. And so, Rose Lake Design was born.

Our 1970's kitchen needed a lot of TLC and updates. But I'm happy to say it was successfully completed (and launched many other projects), and I still love it 2 years later. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures below.

*After interior photography credit: Walking Eagle Photography


You can see in the left side of this picture that there was an existing wall that separated the living room and the kitchen. It was previously two separate living areas which wasn't the most functional for the home.



Now, the living room and kitchen are a completely open concept design. You have sight lines through the house and out to the mountain view in the back. We relocated the refrigerator to the the nook around the corner, tucked the microwave into lower cabinetry (who really needs to see the not so attractive microwave, not me). We added a longer kitchen peninsula, and relocated the sink so it's centered under the kitchen window for a perfect view. In addition, the shorter peninsula was straightened out and modernized. Both peninsulas were adorned with a quartz waterfall edge (this is not only aesthetically pleasing, but creates easy clean up from little fingers and accumulates less dust). With this being a family home all materials were picked with both beauty and livability in mind. We updated all appliances and built a custom plaster hood vent with floating custom white oak shelves. The counters are a timeless white quartz with minimal veining and the surrounding walls are tiled in a classic white zellige tile from counter to ceiling.


You can see the existing wall in the right of the photo here that separated the living room and kitchen.

This is the small doorway that opened to the living room.


Flooring throughout the home was also updated to a french oak inspired wood floor. We mixed metals in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances and brushed brass hardware.

We added a large single basin sink with a beautiful modern stainless steel faucet.

Now this Momma can cook dinner and watch the little one play while being a part of gatherings.

Someone always seems to steal the show ;)

My little designer in training helping Mom fluff the pillows.

Thanks for following along on our kitchen update and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and social media for more upcoming room and project shares.

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Jun 14, 2022

What a beautiful makeover

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