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Rose Lake Design - Designer Crush: Why we love interior designer, Katie Hodges

In honor of Valentine's day we wanted to take a moment to write a about love. And, with that in mind we wanted to let you know that we've got a crush. You know the feeling… excitement, anticipation and a fluttering heart every time they post a new picture. Yes, I’m talking about an interior designer crush. We'll give you a hint as to who we are crushing on this month: It’s easy to love her— she blends worldly designs with effortless California cool girl energy. A seamless blend of vintage and textural elements with perfectly earthy colors? We could only be talking about Katie Hodges. Today, we're breaking down three elements from Katie’s design aesthetic that we absolutely adore, and you'll see why Rose Lake Design loves interior designer, Katie Hodges.

#1: Seamless Style Mixing 

Interior designer Katie Hodges Maravilla project

We've been following Katie for some time, and we're in awe of her ability to blend design styles into something completely original and personal for each of her projects. Her Maravilla project is an example of unexpected combinations of modern and old world aesthetics. Without landing solidly in any one design camp, she creates designs that will stand the test of time.

Interior designer Katie Hodges Maravilla project

Interior designer Katie Hodges Maravilla project

#2: Layers of Texture + Dimension

Interior designer Katie Hodges Maravilla project

We love her use of texture. From the marble backsplash, to the bouclé upholstery, to the woven window coverings, Katie creates layers of depth that create a dynamic and interesting space. Not only do they add visual depth, but they bring a feeling of warmth into the space.

Interior designer Katie Hodges living room project

Interior designer Katie Hodges Maravilla project

#3: Thoughtful Design Elements

Interior designer Katie Hodges bathroom project

We're inspired by her subtle, yet effective pairing of colors and skillful addition of patterns. While sticking with earthy, organic color palates, Katie adds touches of interest - like the dreamy patterned tile, leaded windows, and curved vanity details in the Maravilla bathroom pictured above.

Interior designer Katie Hodges living room project

Interior designer Katie Hodges powder bathroom project

Katie Hodges for anthropologie collaboration

Of course, we we thrilled when she launched her recent collaboration with Anthropologie. Her bouclé ottoman and sofa are fantastic examples of how textured elements can transform an everyday object into something special. The looped mirror is a beautiful way to bring a subtle pattern into a space, and is there anything more welcoming at the end of a long day than this embroidered duvet? For an affordable bathroom refresh, we love the combination of this vanity and sconce


We’re obsessed with Katie’s style and can’t wait to see what she continues to create. And if you thought Katie was our only designer crush… think again. We’ll be back soon featuring more fabulous designers who get our heart pounding with their innovative, stunning, and creative designs. 


Rose Lake Design

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