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February: Organic, Modern, Neutral

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's February and we are in 2019! Time is flying by and the things I saw as "in the future" have already rushed by and passed. With that being said I am trying to focus on the now, and that means doing all the things I've had on my "oh, I should do that when I have more time" list.

One of those things is enjoying the "now" more. That might mean a lot of things to different people, but for me it means finding the things that feed my soul and fill me up. I absolutely love the process of creating a calm harmonious space, and below are some things that inspire me this month.

1. With an 18 month old running around things can quickly get out of hand. She is wildly curious about everything, and anything within reach is fair game for her. I HAVE lost my keys before when I set my purse on the ground and her little hands went searching (we found them again). So, I am finding ways to organize things that are safe and attractive. I'm not NEARLY on the level of Marie Kondo. I haven't even watched the documentary purely for the reason of protecting my "to do" list. But, I did recently purchase a beautiful little peg rail for the entrance so my purse is safely tucked away. Yay for form and function! Connected Goods

2. You ever notice how you end up pinning the same thing over and over again?! Well, this style of art is ALL OVER my Pinterest board. I just can't get enough of the balanced neutral pieces. Be sure to follow artist Audrey Bodisco for some serious neutral Insta inspiration.

3. Neutral, modern, organic.... sigh. It's my jam. It just feels comfortable and calm, but not boring if you add enough texture. If I am in a room like this I am in my happy place. Check out the whole home shown on my mood board at Boho Beach Bungalow.

4. If you are looking for a great globe pendant look no further than poly&bark. I love the modern feminine feel a globe pendant can add to a room.

5. My husband got me some airpods for my birthday. I literally never would have thought about treating myself in this way, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! I recently had to travel to Denver for a work trip and they were amazing. They are so extremely useful. I can run around the house and listen to music, do the dishes while I chat with my sis or listen to an audiobook. Which is also a new favorite of mine. I'm currently reading Girl Wash Your Face: Stop Believing All the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant To Be. Thanks for the recommendation sis! You can also find a cute little case for your airpods at Urban Outfitters. Pink please :)

6. In order to keep my home fresh and interesting I will often move things around and switch things out. Changing up your accessories can give a room a completely different feel. Sooooo... I try to be thrifty about the decorative accessories I buy. I still have all the beautiful vintage vases I thrifted for my wedding, but if I am looking for something specific I have been known to grab an inexpensive pair here and there if something catches my eye. I love these little beauties from Target.

7. When I was pregnant and nesting (had an excuse to be obsessed with decorating my home) I came across an old horseshoe at a flea market. I had heard that hanging one over your front door (open side facing up) was good feng shui and a protection symbol that was supposed to "keep the luck in". I hung it over my door and the same horseshoe is still in our new home in Lake San Marcos. I think it's done its job :) I found a pretty brass option at World Market.

That's it loves. I hope you find some time this month to invest in yourself. After all, February is the month of love, so you might as well give yourself a little. I'm working on this too! Let me know the ways you fill your cup and treat yourself. I love hearing how you stay inspired.



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