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Introducing: Rose Lake Design Picks #RLDxFinds

Updated: May 20, 2021

Some exciting things are happening at Rose Lake Design!

Have you ever seen a picture or lifestyle inspiration, and wondered where can I get that pillow?! Or, where can I get those shoes?!

Starting this week I'll be releasing some stylish, fun, and functional finds, and where you can buy them! Life is challenging as it is (especially recently), and to make things a little easier I'll be sharing some top picks to help you find the things you love.

The motto of Rose Lake Design is, "Life. Well lived." And I want to help you do just that. I believe home is a feeling, and your environment supports how you feel and approach each day. It should be a place of comfort, peace, happiness, and beauty. So, without further ado, here are the first finds for 'Rose Lake Design Finds'. I hope you find what inspires you.



ONE / Who doesn't love a classic barn light? An entry mudroom is a perfect place to showcase this little beauty.

TWO / The perfect little straw hat. Much needed for those Summer days ahead.

THREE / I have 2 of these shaker peg racks in my house. One at the front door and one by the garage door. I love how they keep the entries tidy while adding a little beauty at the same time.

FOUR / I'm a sucker for a windowpane pillow, and also this Etsy shop!

FIVE / Hi, my name is Lylah, and I'm obsessed with pillows. It's only a problem if you can't admit it right? :)

SIX / I love backpacks for the simple reason that when I bend over all my things don't fall out. A backpack that's pretty? Yes, please.

SEVEN / I'm a farmers market lifer. As soon as the season starts you can regularly find me there on any given weekend, and what better way to carry all my treasures than a french market basket?

Thanks for reading, and being a part of this exciting news! If you ever need help looking for a special item, or have some inspiration you want to bring to life feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for more Rose Lake Design finds!

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