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March: Current Mood

How is it March already?! This means that we are nearly one-quarter of the way through 2019! Time, please slow down. With that being said I am so excited for a new season and hopefully some more sunshine. I am already planning some Spring activities to enjoy the season.

Below are my favorite things for March and some things that are on my #arbtlspringbucketlist. #arbtlcurrentmood

A  collection of photos and favorite things for March according to blog A Rose by the Lake

1. Spas, wellness and workouts... you guys I'm finally getting back into my workouts, and it feels phenomenal! It can be so hard to get yourself to the gym sometimes, but I truly believe it helps me stay balanced. Whatever you do to fill your cup, go do it! Get your nails done, get a massage, go to that yoga class, use your essential oils... take care of yourself. It is so easy to let those things slide away in this busy, jam packed world, and time keeps on ticking by. So, find some time to take care of yourself in the way you need it. I am saying this because I want you guys to hold me accountable too, as I can often by terrible at this. I think I hear the RB Inn Spa calling... #arbtlspringbucketlist

Light concrete water fountain on sandy colored gravel

Pic source: Muima

2. I am from Carlsbad, and every year I drive by the beautiful blooming Carlsbad Flower Fields and always tell myself I need to stop and do a tour. Well, this year I am going to do it. I think my daughter would love it, and you can't beat the view. Check out the beautiful photos taken by blog #arbtlspringbucketlist

3. #terrazoforever I am so in love with terrazzo. Concrete Collaborative has a showroom in San Marcos and I am itching to get myself over there. Those little speckles of color... siggghhhh. #terrazo #concretetiles #arbtlspringbucketlist

black greay and blush terrazzo and concrete tiles

blush and gray terrazzo tile on concrete

4.,6. Another work trip is calling and this time I am heading to Las Vegas. I've seen the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas on TV, and it looks so cool. Blog Hither & Thither did a beautiful post on the Neon Boneyard. Go check it out. #arbtlspringbucketlist

Pale green, pink and yellow neon signs at the neon boneyard in Las Vegas

Pale orange neon signs at the neon boneyard in Las Vegas