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Memorial Day Staycation: What I'm bringing with me #RLDxFinds

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The unofficial start of Summer is right around the corner, and to say I've had a bit of cabin fever is a bit of an understatement. I'm ready for salt air and sunshine so we are headed to one of our favorite local spots the Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach. We've done a few staycations here in the past and we always have a great time! It's located right on the beach and has a great walk-in pool which is perfect for little ones. I mean look at that view! I'm soaking up every little moment with my soon-to-be 4-year old. Packing together is now a thing since she has the cutest fashion opinions. Below I'm sharing what I'll be bringing for our family staycation.

What I'm Bringing

I bought two swimsuits from the Shade & Shore brand at Target and they work great for my changing body. I was hoping I could find something I feel good in and these swimsuits are comfortable and cute too (and forgive in all the right places)! I'll also bring along my trusted Birkenstocks - I don't have to buckle them, they can go with almost anything, and they're comfortable - a win in my book.

I couldn't stop at just one swimsuit so I bought another style from Shade & Shore in red (it's Memorial Day after all :) I wear the La Roche-Posay face moisturizer/sunscreen under my makeup every day. It does a good job of moisturizing and for a face sunscreen, it's not too heavy.

The older I get, the more it seems I'm into comfort and quality. I've tested lots of sunglasses but nothing seems to beat what I get with my Ray-Bans. I love that they are lightweight and comfortable. I'm definitely a Ray-Ban lifer. I've also found some really great natural options for beauty and skincare. I've had to pivot my entire skincare routine. I stumbled on Bio-oil and it's amazing! I bought it for my stretching belly, but I use it as an all-over moisturizer. It smells heavenly! I've also tried the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigment foundation. Gwenyth Paltrow previously served as the Creative Director for the brand and the all-organic makeup has been a nice addition to my beauty routine. I have changed how I apply this foundation, but it leaves my dry skin feeling moisturized.

Maeson's at the age now where she gets excited about packing and picking what she is going to take with her on vacation. It's adorable. We'll pack her a cute floatie, and her clear glitter jellies have been a staple since she could walk. They are great for the beach, it doesn't matter if they get wet, and they go with literally everything. She LOVES them. If putting sunscreen on your kids can be tricky sometimes I recommend the Sea Star Sparkle sunscreen. Maeson actually gets excited about putting this on since she gets to cover herself in sparkles. It's another summertime keeper.

Stay tuned as I'll be bringing back the#RLDxFinds page and be sure to follow @roselakedesign on social for pictures of our upcoming staycation.

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