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Ramble On - A Denver Photo Journal

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

So, by now most have you seen from my Instagram feed that I started a new job with an amazing company that I LOVE. They have an awesome culture and team, and I feel extremely lucky to be a part of it.

For my first few days in my new role I traveled out to Denver to be in the office and train. I had never been to Denver so it was really fun getting to experience a new city.

I snapped a few quick pictures along the way and got to experience beautiful sights and some absolutely AMAZING food. I spent all my time in the River North Arts District, also known as RiNO. There was street art everywhere, and it seems this whole area of town is getting a complete renovation with new buildings going up on every corner.

I snapped a few pics along they way. Check out my photo journal below to see how my trip went...

Before I traveled to Denver I did a little research into places I would want to visit if I had time, and The Denver Central Market was at the top of my list. So when the team asked if I wanted to walk over to the market and grab a coffee I said yes! There are a number of vendors in the market and it was as cool as I expected.

I highly recommend the avocado toast at Izzio Bakery. Delicious!

Izzio Bakery in downtown Denver

Behind the scenes at Izzio Bakery.

Izzio Bakery in downtown Denver

The first day I showed up to the market all the lights were out! There was a power outage, which can happen from time to time due to all the construction going on in the area.

Denver Central Market
Izzio Bakery downtown Denver

Within walking distance from my office was my hotel, The Ramble Hotel, which is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend a visit.

After my first night in Denver it snowed! I literally cannot remember the last time this California girl saw falling snow so it was pretty exciting. Below is a pic I snapped before I hopped in an Uber to head to the office on my last day. I thought the snow sitting on these outdoor tables was just so beautiful.

Snow covered benches at The Ramble Hotel in Denver

On my second morning in Denver it was about 20 degrees... soooo this is where the cozy little coffee bar in The Ramble Hotel came in handy.

The coffee bar at The Ramble Hotel in Denver

Being a Mom to a beautiful little toddler means you don't get a ton of time to yourself. So after my work happy hour I took myself to dinner at Death & Co located in the hotel. It has been A LONG time since I have had dinner alone, and it was so interesting to listen to the buzz of the hotel and just enjoy a good beer and some delicious food.

I'm also seriously in love with the velvet chairs at Death & Co.

Velvet chairs at Death & Co. located in The Ramble Hotel

Not only does Death & Co have great food, but they have a stellar cocktail list. The night I was there I was specifically enthused about the "Rich & Comforting" selections. I was also missing my baby and husband terribly so a luxurious cocktail really fit the bill.

The rich & comforting cocktail menu at Death & Co. in The Ramble Hotel in Denver

Tucked away on Walnut St. is a cozy little bar called Ponpon. I got to spend some time here with my co-workers during a Thursday happy hour.

Ponpon a bar in downtown Denver

The cool thing about Ponpon? There is a little art gallery hidden in the back.

The art gallery located within Ponpon in downtown Denver

The bar at Ponpon.

Looking for a beer and some good food? Check out 10 Barrel. There is also one of these located in downtown San Diego, but for my first experience I flew to Denver instead :)

The brewery at 10 Barrel.

I told you it snowed! I walked to work this morning and had to remind myself not to get distracted. Staring at snow is NOT a good excuse to be late to work :) I love this picture though because you can see the falling snow.

After work I got to cozy up in my hotel room....

During my first day in Denver there was a power outage on the block where my office is. Unfortunately that meant that the elevators were not working at the hotel so I had to take the stairs to get to my room. Apparently The Ramble Hotel does everything beautifully. Even the chairs neatly tucked away in the stairwell were pretty.

Attached to The Ramble Hotel is a restaurant called Super Mega Bien. EAT THERE. I had a beautiful dinner here with family I hadn't seen in a while and it was perfection. The restaurant offers latin dim sum. Odd you think? No way. This food is AH-mazing. I highly recommend ordering from "the cart". You'll get to try a little bit of everything.

My view walking back to the hotel...

The prettiest alleyways I ever did see.

And that's all she wrote. Three days and I was on my plane headed home. Which I was unsure was going to happen due to the government shut down effecting TSA, but that's a story for a different time.

It was a successful trip. I got to meet some really great people, catch up with a loved one, learn some new things, and eat some really good food. Also, if you are looking for a list of things to check out in Colorado visit Your RV Lifestyle. Until next time Denver.



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