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Resting - Is there a right way to do it?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

If I am not careful I can quickly pile things onto my "to do" list. When I was a brand new Mom and my daughter was just a squishy newborn, I would run around the house anytime she fell asleep and tidy up - do the dishes, throw a load in the wash, water the plants, you name it - I'd do ALL THE THINGS that would creep onto my list. And I thought I was being effective with my time. I was sustaining a brand new life, and all was under control with "the house".

But, in all my efficiency, there was one glaringly obvious thing that I was consistently forgetting to put on my list - and that was REST. I was forgetting to recharge and revive myself, and at that time I should have been doing that through any means possible whether that be sleeping, watching TV, or just laying under a warm blanket.

Rest is something I STILL have to remember to keep in balance. It's not all bad. On the flip side that same force allows me to create, to build, to achieve, and it's the very same thing that helps support me in reaching my goals. But like most things in life, change is inevitable, and once I had my daughter the same things that once revived and lightened my soul adjusted and changed. I had to find new ways to rest and relax.

So, with that being said one of the ways I foster rest is by creating a space that feels peaceful, that makes my soul happy, and is not so formal that my 19 month old can't jump all over it :)

And I'll tell you this much... there is NOTHING better than climbing into a cozy, comfortable bed at the end of the day. Below are some things that help me create a soothing bedroom space and make me feel refreshed.

My must have: A neutral bedroom - Don't you just want to lay down in this bed?

Bedroom essentials for a neutral organic bedroom.

1. I am so incredibly into linen. I love the texture it gives a bed and even a messy linen bed looks good in a chic lazy Sunday kind of way. There are a number of affordable options, and if the white duvet cover gets dirty? Throw it in the wash. Easy peezy. Here's a beautiful washed linen option from H&M.

2. Feet get cold at night? Layer your bed with a luxurious quilt in a decadent fabric. I LOVE a good velvet blanket. It just adds a layer of richness and warmth to a room. I've had my eye on this gray number from Target. I don't spend a ton of money on bed linens since they usually get switched out based on the season and again, I have a teeny tiny little human that likes to sprinkle her snack crumbs everywhere :) Target is a great option for bed linens, and you can easily switch them out if your taste changes. Oh, you don't change your mind on your home decor items every 3 months? Ah, I guess that's just me.

3. Pillows. Enough said. You need a good pillow to get cozy on your bed, and I love this neutral one from West Elm. Even better yet it's on sale. You can buy a few and switch them out based on your mood. What's that you say? You don't do that either? Oh, sorry. Thaaaaat's just me again.

4. I am a sucker for natural organic looking pieces. Throw in a neutral color and I'm sold. Add this vase from CB2 to your night stand with a branch or two of eucalyptus and you'll have one handsome looking nightstand.

5. One of the key features of your bedroom IS.... dun, dun, dunnnnn, your bed! You'll want a good foundation for all those cozy linens. My husband and I purchased this upholstered panel bed from Living Spaces and we couldn't be happier. The price point is AH-mazing too. You can find much pricier options of this bed elsewhere.

6. And finally this chair from Urban Outfitters is gorgeous. The modern lines and natural materials are just perfect.

These are just a few of my favorite bedroom essentials. I hope you find some inspiration to make a cozy bedroom retreat... now go get some rest :)

Natural, neutral, and linen bedroom essentials

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