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San Diego, CA

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Lylah Healy is the owner and creative mind behind Rose Lake Design, and currently resides in Lake San Marcos.. She believed in quality over quantity, afternoon naps, a sandy day at the beach, laughter with friends, and a home-cooked meal. To her, there's no place like home, and she wants you to feel the same.


Growing up on the California coast led her to be inspired by the ocean, and all the natural beauty that surrounded her everyday.  


She loves creating modern, organic, and functional interiors that reflect the people that make a house a home.  For her, a home is more than a collection of things. Home is a feeling, and she wants you to feel good when you step into yours.   


Creativity is a part of her soul, and she graduated from the USC School of Dramatic Arts. While studying Theater at USC she was also fascinated by interior design, and fulfilled her work-study program with the USC School of Architecture.

With a Father skilled in professional finish carpentry, and a Mother that followed her passions to become a luxury real estate agent - she's been exposed to home renovations and interior design since she was child. 

She's passionate about creating beautiful, functional and inviting interiors, that FEEL like home. 

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