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Everything, but the Kitchen Sink - 6 Sink Essentials

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hello everyone! One of the things I often get asked about is accessories, and as I update my house and clean things out I've found that there are areas that need to have a high function and can often become cluttered. One of those areas is, dun dun dunnn, the kitchen sink.

I often see pictures of beautiful kitchens that don't have one item near the sink. First of all, we can all have goals. One day I may have fewer items near my kitchen sink, but right now with nightly meal prepping and a hungry 2-year old, I find myself regularly in a dirty dish situation :)

With that being said I have found some ways to pretty up the kitchen sink that serves both form and function.

Below are some attractive essentials that can make washing the dishes, dare I say it, pretty. Throw these items into a stoneware berry bowl and you are in business.

All the items below are Amazon items so they are also easily accessible! Click the links below the image for more info, and I have also included some kitchen inspiration pictures to get those kitchen vibes flowing.

Must have stylish kitchen sink essentials

White kitchen with butcher block counter and black stools

Neutral kitchen and dining room with grey cabinets

Studio Mcgee white kitchen

White kitchen with shiplap ceiling

Click image for product (paid links)

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